ICO marketing basics for blockchain projects

ICO marketing basics for blockchain projects

There is no magic formula to making ICO marketing a success.

But successful blockchain projects figured out what works. So we integrate those into our solutions here at the Bite Size Concepts, where we perform basic to advanced PR and marketing to ICOs.

In this piece, we’ve compiled the approach and tools that are common among coin/token sales that did well.

How to approach ICO marketing

There are many opportunities to explore when introducing your blockchain project to the market. But the common-sense approach offers an easier way to stand out.

1. Build an online presence early

Hire the best people to build your online presence—your own communications specialist or an ICO marketing agency. And do it early, way before your crypto or token launch. Organic traffic, following, and engagement will help you establish trust later on.

2. Avoid the hype and the hard sell

Instead of creating your own hype, focus on your project and its progress. Put the spotlight on your team. Let their ideas and stories connect with your target audience. This is a far better tactic than paying influencers who don’t care about your product or service.

3. Don’t overdo ads

Good marketing strikes a balance between paid and organic. Avoid going down the route of spammy banners and pop-ups. Don’t be a digital stalker whose ads follow people around online. Protect your image and credibility!

How to build brand image

Speaking of image, make sure to nail branding even before the planning stage. You’ll need a visual identity to use in your marketing materials, from website to whitepaper to social accounts.

1. Get a name and a domain

As an ICO marketing company in Singapore, we recommend protecting your idea. Give it a name that is unique and preferably has no meaning yet so you can create one for it. Example: Purveyr. You can check if a trademark is taken using this tool.

Once your project has a name, claim a domain name on a registrar like GoDaddy. CMS like WordPress and Squarespace also include domain name registration in their subscription plans.

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2. Create a logo and visuals

Nailing your branding doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. When creating visuals to put on your online and offline documents, there are cheap or free tools to find. Try Canva or Logojoy for logo design. Canva also made font pairing painless over here. If you want to generate colour schemes, go to Coolors. Or snag a colour palette on Color Hunt.

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3. Apply the same username across social channels

Stick with one username when creating profiles on different social media platforms. Use your logo as your profile photo.

How to create a website for ICO marketing

When it comes to a dedicated website, start lean and tweak it as you go. Focus on building credibility. Work on the following sections first:

  1. Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) – this is your thesis statement; a one-liner that sums up the benefit you’re bringing to target clients’ lives.
  2. About or an explainer video – make it short and sweet.
  3. Team bios – give your project a face, so literally, upload high-quality photos and short bios of your team.
  4. Whitepaper – craft a compelling intro and get visitors to download it.
  5. Social profiles – link to your social media accounts to make you more accessible.
  6. Newsletter – set this up on a mailer like MailChimp; collect data from users so you can understand them more without overstepping privacy boundaries.
  7. Press – once you earn mentions or features in publications, put them here.

These tools and approach will simplify ICO marketing whether you choose an ICO marketing company or PR agency, or hire your in-house team. If you want to clarify some of the points here, don’t hesitate to ask us at info@thebitesizeconcepts.com.