4 things you probably didn’t know about PR

4 things you probably didn’t know about PR

Do you suffer from FOMO—the fear of missing out? We feel you. It’s tough to keep up with all the information these days.

So if you think you haven’t paid attention to PR enough before, just stick with us. Having worked in public relations in Singapore for years, we’re really excited to share a few things we’ve learned. Let’s have a quick tour so you won’t miss out on this front.

Off we go:

1. You can measure ROI through optimised social media promotion

Thanks to digital, it’s easier to track the ROI of a PR move. One way to do that is to use the power combo of PR and marketing. Let’s break down the things you can do.

So let’s say you landed a story on a top-tier publication. And that single article boosted your site’s referral traffic. Using Google Analytics, you can then check who among those visitors converted aka did something valuable on your site, e.g. made a purchase or subscribed to your newsletter.

It doesn’t stop there. Share the post on your social accounts and watch your referral traffic rise again. What you’re after here is not just the spike but also the increase in qualified leads.

To better your chances, add a call-to-action to the link you’re sharing. Try a tool called Snip.ly, and you’ll get something like this:

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Image: HubSpot

2. It’s possible to get free publicity

Opportunities show up if you look at PR from a journo’s perspective. For instance, reporters are often seeking expert sources to interview. So explore platforms like Help A Reporter Out where you can volunteer your industry know-how. Or be the go-to person for niche topics like blockchain or AI.

Why not share your thoughts in exchange for free publicity?

3. Audio is still alive

As a PR agency in Singapore, we like to mix things up. Articles are great. And we love videos and infographics. But we certainly won’t count radio talk shows and podcasts out.

Every day, many people still engage with audio content. Spotify sets their workout mood. Audiobooks entertain them during traffic jams. And radio and podcast channels provide value to their (usually) small yet loyal group of listeners.

If that piques your interest, sign up for free offers on Radio Guest List.

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4. Journalists want you to think like them

Actors sometimes admit that a movie is a director’s world. It means that however they perceive a scene, the director’s version will often prevail. Think about an article as the journo’s world. In your interview or pitch, tell a story that will be important to that world.

There’s no one best way to approach this. But from our experience in public relations in Singapore, you would also want to keep it short and sweet. If you haven’t noticed, reporters are always on the run. They’re trying to race their deadlines.

If you want to brainstorm storytelling ideas with your publicist or comms manager, bet on a collaborative tool like MindMeister. Here’s a sample mind map for brand stories:

public relations singapore

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