10 Best PR blogs to follow in 2019

10 Best PR blogs to follow in 2019

There are a few public relations sites that inspire us to blog better. If we want to be an effective PR company, marketing agency, or branding firm this year, we should keep reading them.

How about we examine our top options for our PR reading resolution in 2019?

1. Muck Rack

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Muck Rack is a software platform that helps connect PR professionals and journalists. But its blog is a treasure trove of insights and tips including how to create that perfect pitch.

Articles range from educational like “How to create a compelling media pitch with video” to humorous like “This month in bad PR pitches.”

2. Ragan’s PR Daily

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Ragan is a name associated with corporate communications. Its newsletters and research reports have served its audience for five decades. With PR Daily, it offers bite-size concepts, advice, opinion, and news to people working in public relations and marketing.

Check it out specifically for articles on social media, media relations, crisis management, and writing/editing.

3. PRWeek

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This insider’s magazine is ideal for those who work in public relations. The digital edition is fueled by “breaking news, analysis, and opinion.” PRWeek also comes out in print monthly.

Bookmark this resource and remain a competitive and effective PR company. Whether you’re in Singapore or the States, you’ll find content tailored to your region.

4. PR News

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Another industry-focussed site, PR News has a lot in store for publicists and marketers. Not only will you have access to analysis and market trends. You will also find webinars, events, and guidebooks that will help you build your career or network.

No time to browse through blocks of text? Just subscribe to its e-letter, ‘The Skinny on PR’, for similar information in a quick-read format.

5. PR Couture

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Okay, here’s another platform dedicated to PR. But this one’s centred on comms in fashion and lifestyle.

PR Couture covers a lot of bases. It’s like a bible for beginners, pros, agencies, and brands. There are pieces on pitching, client relations, influencer relations, DIY PR, interviews, and even professional development. What’s not to love?

6. Spin Sucks

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Make Spin Sucks a part of your regular diet. You wouldn’t want to miss out on its unique take on the PR space. Gini Dietrich, who runs marketing comms firm Arment Dietrich, writes the pieces. Guest authors also contribute.

‘Gin and Topics’ is probably the most fun section on the site. It features viral videos curated by Dietrich and contributors.

7. Adweek

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Some of you may already be following Adweek. It’s more comprehensive than the others on this list. There’s still affinity with agencies, but topics branch out to creativity, digital, and even programmatic.

Its paywall for premium content is a potential downside. Although that’s just a small portion of the site. There’s still plenty of articles you can access for free.

8. PR Newswire Asia

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Geek out on the events happening in the emerging markets through this regional publishing site. Owned by Cision, PR Newswire is not limited to media relations and marketing. Keep scrolling, and you’ll find stuff on travel and tourism in Asia Pacific. It also includes a ‘Beyond PR Blog.’

9. The Bulldog Reporter

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Branding, comms, tech, PR—the scope of the Bulldog Reporter are linked but varied. And that’s the reason it stands out. Aside from the articles, it actually publishes in-depth content about the industry. So there’s something for all sizes and levels on this platform.

10. Reddit – r/PublicRelations

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Technically not a blog, this subReddit is rich with first-hand stories and lessons from PR professionals. Even brands have a high chance of finding a good PR company here to represent them.

This subreddit seems to add to the reliability of user-generated content. Nothing beats the authenticity of people connecting and helping each other out.

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